Standalone Fingerprint biometric & Glass Door Access Control SY100

  • Full Glass Door Lock
  • Fingerprint + Card + Password
  • Support USB Drive to Download Attendance Report
  • In Excel Sheet and employee information
  • Mini USB for emergency power when battery low
  • Wireless remote control to open lock


Model SY100
Power Supply 4.5V-6.5V (4 dry batteries)
Typical static current <55mA (Battery life is at least 1 Year)
Working Current <250mA (Strong driving force)
Statistic Current <30 UA (Strong driving force)
Unlocking Mode Fingerprint, Password, ID Card (Available for remote control)
Password for opening door <1,000 Units
Fingerprint for opening door <500 Units
Cards for Opening door < 1,000 Units
Searchable record < 1,000 Units
Resolution 500 DPI
False rejection Rate < 0.15%
False Accept Rate < 0.00004%
Working Temperature -30°C -50°C
Relative Temperature 20% – 93%