Professional CLOUD Dynamic Face & Fingerprint Biometric W Access Control SY-DF250

  • Visible face recognition, Not affected by bright light, Not affected by Dark night
  • HD large screen 5-inch and 7-inch (1280×800 resolution)
  • Simultaneous multi-person recognition(8 person)
  • HD Camera 2 megapixel
  • All aluminum alloy waterproof and explosion-proof shell
  • Optional alloy stand


Model SY-DF250
Hardware Platform
Identify Color camera 2 megapixel, 1 / 4 inch lens
Light White fill arrangement, Super bright, 9 white LED light
Fingerprint Optional
Swipe card function Yes(stand IC card, optional ID card)
LCD 5″ TFT LCD (optional 7 TFT LCD)
Touch screen Yes
Body induction Yes
LED Lights Two (Red, Green)
Input port WG26/34 input (can be external card reader module)
Professional assess control function Two (Red, Green)
Microphone Optional
Voice output Yes
Working voltage DC 9V-12V (under 1.5A)
Working temperature -10°C-60°C
Working humidity 20%-80%
Software Function
User registration capacity 1,500-5,000 (optional 10,000)
Face registration capacity 1,500-5,000 (optional 10,000)
Fingerprint registration capacity 5,000-50,000
Administrator authentication record capacity 1,500-5,000 (optional 10,000)
Language English
Face Algorithm
Algorithm version Face v4.0
FAR/FRR 0.01% / 1%
Matching speed ≥ 1.1s
Smart update function Yes
Face recognition mode Support : N/1:1