Syrotech GOXP-BI3296-60 is hot pluggable 3.3V Small-Form-Factor transceiver module. It designed expressly for high-speed communication applications that require rates up to 10.7Gbps, it designed to be compliant with SFF-8472 and SFP+ MSA. The module data link up to 60km in 9/125um single mode fiber. The optical output can be disabled by a LVTTL logic high-level input of Tx Disable. Tx Fault is provided to indicate that degradation of the laser. Loss of signal (LOS) output is provided to indicate the loss of an input optical signal of receiver or the link status with partner.


Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Transmitter (0~70ºC @10.3125Gb/s)
Operating Wavelength 1310 nm
Ave. output power (Enabled) Po 5 dBm
Extinction Ratio ER 3.5 dB
RMS spectral width Δλ 1 nm
Rise/Fall time (20%~80%) Tr/Tf 50 ps
Optical modulation amplitude OMA -5.2 dBm
Dispersion penalty 1 dB
Output Optical Eye IEEE 802.3-2005 Compliant
Receiver (0~70ºC @10.3125Gb/s)
Operating Wavelength 1270 nm
Sensitivity Psen -22 dBm
Min. overload Pimax 0.5 dBm
LOS Assert Pa -30 -22 dBm
LOS De-assert Pd 5 dB
LOS Hysteresis Pd-Pa 0.5 dB