Fingerprint Biometric Door Handle Lock

Sporting a sleek, modern design, whilst providing the highest level of security for homes and offices, the K7 Push Pull Biometric Fingerprint Lock is one of the most secure and elegant devices on the market. Constructed with materials of the highest quality, this state-of-the-art door lock, developed by the best keyless door lock company, boasts a range of technologically advanced features that will provide premium protection to home and office premises.

Product Specification

Model SY-F50
Unlock Type Fingerprint , Card , Password
Fingerprint capacity 100
Card capacity 100
Password capacity 100
FAR <0.001%; FRR:<1.0%
Indication of lacking voltage 4.8V
Induction distance >25mm
Working voltage DC6V (4 Pieces of AA Batteries)
Static power supply <100ɥA
Working temperature -40°C-70°C
Working humidity <80%