Fingerprint biometric & Access Control (TCPIP/RFID)SY-10

  • Standalone Device
  • Economical, Simple and stable
  • Supports Access Control
  • TCP/IP & USB Interface
  • Supports reports in Excel Format
  • Battery Backup
  • Supports RFID

Weight 735 g


Model No SY-10
Function Parameters
LCD Screen 2.4’’ TFT LCD
Fingerprint Sensor 600 DPI Opcal
Idenficaon me <0.8S
Communicaon TCPIP/USB
Fingerprint 1000
Password capacity 1000
RFID Card 1000 (ID Cards)
USB Data Backup Supported
Record capacity 60000
Power Adaptor DC 5V
Management mode USB disk data up/ download with EXCEL report (Standalone device) software download (TCP/IP device)
Weigand Supported
Operang Temp. -10°C to +60°C
Allowable rotaon 360° (All Direcon)