Cloud Face, Fingerprint biometric & Access Control (TCPIP/RFID)SY-300F

  • Using Korean Concept
  • Quickly identify international advanced algorithms, without addected by glasses twins and hair style.
  • Using high definition double cameras, the latest high-tech ultra bright infrared camera

Weight 781 g


Model SY-300F
Identify Face, Fingerprint, Card, Password
Recognition mode 1:N / 1:1
Recognition Speed <1s
Fingerprint capacity 1000
Face capacity 300
Attendance record 100000
Algorithm version Face V2.0 EBKNFinger V3.0
FAR/FRR 0.01% / 0.1%
Swipe card function Yes
LCD 2.4” color LCD
Language Simplified Chinese (optional multi-language)
Fingerprint update function Supported (self-learning function)
Attendance inquiry Press OK key to inquire
Camera Two high-definition camera
Infrared light Two imported super bright infrared light
Key 16 key
Communication mode TCP/IP, WIFI optional
U disk interface Yes
Access control Professional access control function