CLOUD 16 Floor Elevator Readers Controller (Master)

  • Elevator Control Board Support large capacity, real-time communication,multi floor expansion.
  • Support time zone control,regional management, identity management.
  • Supports RS485 and TCP/IP two communication interface
  • Built in super function to meet different functional requirements


Operaon Temperature 25℃-75℃
Working Humidity 10-90%
Offline Operaon Support
Extend series connecon with 3 groups can achieve 64 floors control capacity
Card Capacity 26,000
Data Capacity 100,000
Networking Equipment 127
Transfer method 1(4 in 4 Real me, non-real-me
Device Color Green
Housing Material Control box with iron spray material
Iron Box Size Length 285mm, width 240mm, height 85mm
Board Size Length 220mm, width 135mm, height 22mm
Operang Voltage DC10.8-14V
Working current 500mA >Not include card reader
Drive current Each group 7A >Following the dry baery contact NO,NC soware adjustable
Punch Period Support >64 Hours
Validity Period Support > One day – 100 years arbitrarily set
Networking RS485 and TCP/IP >TCP/UIP is oponal
Communicaon Distance 1200m >RS485 networking
Transmission Frequency 19200 baud >19200 8, 1, n
Operang Mode Elevator access, lockers access management
Recognion Type ID card, Mifare Card, Fingerprint, Card, Password Idenficaon informaon: Card, Card + Password, Password, double card idenficaon, admin card +user card unlock.