8+2 Gigabit PoE Switch (8 POE Port) SY-8000P-2S-150W-L2

SY-­‐8000P-­‐2S-­‐150W-­‐L2  POE  switch supports  IEEE802.3af/at  Standard,  the maximum transfer distance is  100meters, supply power for devices that support IEEE802.3af/at standard, so the user does not need to worry that the PoE switch would damage the non-­‐poe devices. And also when the PoE-powered device is disconnected, the PoE switch will stop providing power. With simple and reliable design, SY-­‐8000P-­‐2S-­‐150W-­‐L2 can identify the PoE demand, speed, duplex and use the cable type AutoUplink automatically. SY-­‐8000P-­‐2S-­‐150W-­‐L2 mainly used for wireless AP and IP surveillance cameras, it can simplify the wiring of installation and reduce the cost.

Key Features:

• 8 10/100/1000Mbps PoE port , 2 gigabit SFP port
• Support IEEE 802.3af/at Standard
• Maximum transfer distance is 100meters
• Power for wireless AP and IP surveillance over Cat5 cable
• Store-­‐and-­‐forward switching method
• LED indicators for each port
• Bandwidth:20Gbps
• Internal 150W power supply
• Support L2 web management
• Automatically detects the PoE class level of a Powered Device
• Support single output automatic protection function and with self recovery capability.
• Plug & Play

Data Sheet