1×16 PLC Box with 1X16 LGX PLC Splitter

Syrotech Type Optical Splitter Box is designed to connect feeder/ distribution cable to subscriber’s drop cable using PLC splitter in FTTx networks. XZH-FTTH-0816 has 2 input ports and 16 output ports on the bottom and it is easy to install on the wall or pole. The rear tray is for splicing a fiber of feeder cable with PLC splitter and the front tray is for connecting subscriber’s drop cable through adaptor plate on the tray.


  • User familiar industry interface, using high impact plastic
  • Can accommodate 1×8 PLC splitter and 1×16 PLC splitter
  • Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant
  • Up to 16 FTTH drops
  • Wall and pole mountable
  • 2 inlet ports, 16 outlet ports