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8 Port Gigabit Access Switch


SY-8000-8T-2S-L2 Gigabit Access Switch is the new version of SY-8000-8T-2S-L2 Series, it is developed for the Enterprise/Carrier/SMB market. It provides the stable, reliable and secure high-performance switching service for high speed Internet. SY-8000-8T-2S-L2 provides 8 10/100/1000M electric ports and two 1000M SFP interfaces, 220V AC Power Supply. SY-8000-8T-2S-L2 series provides the perfect solutions in the aspects of multiservice capability, security, reliability, management and maintenance. It is the idle access device of the enterprise users and carriers. The system provides the security features, such as 802.1X access authentication and ARP antiattack, which can prevent the attacks and is suitable for thenetworks with large scale, multiple services and complicated traffic. It haspowerful multicast and QoS capability, meeting the real-time requirements of the enterprise network video, audio data and other high-priorityservices. Besides, It supports QinQ, VLAN Mapping, and multi-service access capabilities. SY-8000-8T-2S-L2 series can provide the low-cost, high-performance, and easy-management solutions for the enterprise and carrier network access.

Product Model SY-8000-8T-2S-L2
Product Configuration :-
Structure Desktop
Access port 8
Uplink Port 2
Performance parameter :-
Switching capability 20Gbps
Throughput 14.88Mpps
Buffer 4.1Mbit
Jumbo frames 9216Bytes
MAC entries 8K
Link Aggregation 8
QinQ Yes
Queue/Port 8
Multicast groups 512
Standards & Protocols :-
Multicast IGMPcompatible, IGMPSnooping, Fast leave, multicast VLAN, MLD
QoS Each port supports 8 queues Supporting 802.1p/TOS/DSCPpriority and mapping Port speed limitation and traffic monitoring Queue scheduling: SP, WRR, SP+WRR Rate Limit, Bandwidth control based on port Storm Control
Application protocol Security mechanism FTP, TFTP, HTTP, SNTP, DNS Client, DHCPClient, DHCPSnooping, Option82 Supporting 802.1X and Guest VLAN, MAC-based authentication Port isolation, Error-disable, Port Security IP/MAC/Port/VLAN binding manually MAC address binding and MAC quantity limitation ARPpacket speed limitation, ARPGuard, ARPInspection Standard ACLand extended ACL, IPV6 ACLIPSource Guard
Management Shell, Web, Telnet, SSH, SNMP, ROM, AAA, Radius, Logging, Syslog, Ping, Trace Route, Link Detection (VCT)
Physical index :-
Dimension (W×D×H)mm 280x180x44mm
Power supply :-
Input Voltage (AC) AC: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Environment parameter :-
Working temperature 0-50
Storage temperature -40ºC~70ºC
Working humidity 10-90% no-condensing